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Glia Log Line

"A young scientist invents a new smart drug that will change the World, but does the World want to change?"

Genre: Drama, Thriller, Science
Produced by Shooting Film a UK independent production company.
Written and Directed by
Richard Faria
90 mins 4K HDR



Adrian plays Clive Leighton from the Ministry of Defence.

Adrian Paul

DC Comics Arrow (TV Series), Nine Miles Down, The Highlander (TV Series), The Heavy

Fady plays Satish Jurel, a financier. He's a close friend of Alex and can smell money.

Fady Elsayed

My Brother The Devil, Brotherhood, Class (TV Series), Sixteen, Silent Witness (TV Series)

Arnas plays Alex Summers the scientist who invents Glia.

Arnas Fedaravicius

Deadly Code, The Last Kingdom (TV Series), Access All Areas

Bobby plays the part of Gunther a talented industrial robotics engineer.

Bobby Lockwood

Dunkirk, Wolfblood (TV Series), House of Anubis (TV Series)

Gary plays the part of Jon Nielson head of a Tech Park and fund.

Gary Webster

Family Affairs (TV Series), Minder (TV Series), The Big Game, EastEnders (TV Series)

Venessa plays the role of Beth a biologist.

Vanessa Grasse

Leatherface, It Came from the Desert, Astral, Roboshark (TV Movie)

Elinor plays the role of Catherine a biologist.

Elinor Crawley

Vikings (TV Series), Submarine, Ordinary Lies, The White Queen (TV Mini-Series)

Steve plays Kevin the owner of a large industrial robotics factory.

Steve O'Halloran

MindFlesh, London Voodoo, EastEnders (TV Series)

Clare plays the role of Jane Cooper.

Clare Humphrey

Drunken Love, Top Girls, Dancing at Lughnasa

Lasharne plays the role of Polly Smith.

Lasharne Anderson

Jacob's Blessing, Exile Incessant, Bloom

Mark plays the role of Brigadier Matthews.

Mark Brent

Pals for life, Scarlet Says, Dusk

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